giovedì 20 luglio 2017

Arseny Litvin ‎– Tiksi

Арсений Литвин

Paper Moon Republic - Ostroga // Cd-r 2017

Location: Novosibirsk
Coordinates: 55°01′N 82°56′E


Some months ago I’ve had the luck to receive this CD and it struck me in a good way. The musician at issue is Arseny Litvin from Novosibirsk, but his album is a homage to the small polar town of Tiksi. The four tracks of the disc range from the more classical and well-set drone music that never gets boring, laying down to more peaceful moments of field recordings of life lived inside this port town. Sometimes you really get the feeling of being in that small town, walking at night on a ice-cold quay while the wind blows violently against your hair, trying to take refuge from the freezing water in a pair of old dull-colored galoshes that still manage to do their duty. There won’t be a lack of more dramatic and tense moments, like in the case of track no. 3 “The memory of cold earth, encased in a metal constructions”. But everything is, as always, masterfully measured so as to never exceed. Refined severity perfectly accomplished. With the closing track you’ll find yourself shut in your bedroom, forcibly barricaded against the siberian winds that won’t leave you alone for the entirety of the track. Don’t worry though, as these sounds, on the long run, will have a morphine-like effect on your body, and you’ll be able to endure even the strongest and unbearable bite of the cold. The disc I got is a re-release from 2017, published by Litvin’s label (Paper Moon Republic) and by Vitaly Maklakov’s (one of the key profiles of this new Russian noise wave) Ostroga. The release is very well done and the photo collages very evocative. You’ll have the impression of touching with your own two hands those cold buildings, and you’ll have the impression of feeling that cold coming from the wet asphalt. But in the end, the sound of the waves coming from Laptev Sea will drag you to a weird hallucination-like state, between wakefulness and sleep, and the day after you’ll wake up like nothing of this had ever truly existed.


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